Times are Changing


From day one my kids have all been those that had to stick to a schedule, one day off a complete chaos for weeks until they calmly slipped back into their schedule! My husband and I had plans for our children, hopes and dreams strategically made for each one of them! Our set house life an the way we went about things was to raise our kids to be the best at everything and to achieve these goals we had for them! For this very fact and reason I became a creature of habit ( in my earlier years I just went with the flow.). In this habit I started to go about things in a mundane way!
This was our life and at that time from the parental point of view my husband and I thought it was good! Those years when P’nut first started to show signs something was going on with him it threw our lives for a loop and things began to go off balance a little but we made it through that time somewhat!

Shortly after P’nut’s diagnosis and things had started to calm down, my husband and I decided it was time to get the house back in order, we felt it was best!

You see we tried to place our home back under that routine, back under the hopes and dream we had created! One day during classes P’nut broke into tears… He couldn’t remember what he had been taught, he felt incapable of fulfilling the path we had put him on, and he wanted to give up! He was mad at himself for letting his Dad and I down and spent his whole afternoon in tears!

That night as I sat going over the day I knew tomorrow couldn’t be the same for anyone but especially P’nut. I knew the schedule, routine, hopes and dreams we had spent 8yrs. Building and perfecting were going to have to be tossed out and we were going to have to start from scratch. I also knew even then that it may take a few tries to find the right fit for us!

I started asking myself these questions:

1. What was the problem/challenge?

2. What was the need?

3. What were possible solutions?

4. What was the focus?

5. What could be the initiative?

6. What was the goal?

7. What would be the impact?

As I set and pondered these questions….I was getting ready to learn the biggest lesson of my life!
Something was about to be formed, something was being made from the broken pieces and that was…

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