Forget, Strain and Press!

Lately People ask me about my faith, I have decided to include a section about my faith. The only way I can start is by taking you back!

I remember sitting in the pew years ago when I was just a little girl; with my eyes wide open, my ears listening intently and my body hanging off the edge of the pew! I was listening to the Pastor tell this story and not only was it interesting to hear, but this Pastor’s actions spoke louder than words! That Sunday the particular text he was preaching on; he began to tell us to visualize being in a race and he started to use words that were so detailed you could see everything. As he spoke he came down further into the aisle and grabbed two of the biggest guys in the congregation; both no less than 6’2′  and weighing in the lower 300lbs. Now this is a big deal because this pastor he was 5’5′ and middle/ upper 100lbs. and he put the guys on each side of him, their purpose to hold him back and as you saw this struggle going on he came to a verse and he began to speak  : “Forgetting what was behind and straining toward what is ahead, pressing on toward the goal.” and as the pastor spoke these words you could see the struggle between him and both guys; he was straining to get past them! As the straining continued the pastor began unzipping his robe and as he strained he began to let go of the robe and working his arms out of it, he was also able to free himself from the two gentlemen; when they realized he had worked his way free they began to hold him back but he had already gained his momentum and was able to drag them to his goal! As he reached his goal everyone stood up and was clapping, to see this person win even when the odds were against them amazed us!

That sermon left a huge impact on me, and to this day I can see and hear that sermon just as if it were happening at that moment. There have been many times were I have had to replay not only the sermon but that verse in my head to keep me going!

You see the pastor had a purpose, he had a  goal, he had a prize to win; and along this purpose he was met by some heavy opposition that was trying to hold him down at all cost, but he couldn’t let it. He was so focused on reaching his goal that he was willing to let go of the thing that was (or what I thought was essential to him) to meet his goal. When he let go of this, he was able strain and gain the  momentum needed to press to his goal!

At that moment on that Sunday years ago after watching the Pastor speak on that Philippians 3:12-14 text; I decided that was the way I wanted to be , that at all cost I wanted to be a living example of those verses!

I have learned over the  years that not only was this the pastor’s struggle but this is for everyone of us here on earth! I have learned  that there comes a time in your life when your faith calls you to let go of what was, and strain towards what is! There is a time when you must press even when you don’t feel like pressing… but you must do so to reach the goal!

2 thoughts on “Forget, Strain and Press!

  1. Beatuiful! Yes, I can see it too! Thank you for the reminder there are always great rewards when we press and strain and leave everything that would weigh us down, behind where it belongs! Sometimes we do have to strain to get free; but it’s worth the struggle!

    • Yes, that is why I believe God can send a word to you even in a young age! A word that impacts your way of thinking and sticks with you for a lifetime…because that word was meant to carry you during your journey to fulfill your purpose! So when I feel like giving up I forget what is behind me and I strain to that which is before and when that’s not in sight, I press to see what is ahead!

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