“Awareness Empowers”

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay which will run from March 1 through March 31. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire you!

There is something about the moment you hear the words that you are pregnant you can’t wait to see what that baby will look  like! As the months go by and that baby starts to grow and kick the anticipation mounts and your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of holding your baby in your arms, and touching them and kissing them! When “Labor day ” finally arrives and the nurse brings your baby to you, you inspect your baby; first their hands then their feet looking them over counting making sure every part is in tact! Going over their face taking in their beauty! Looking in amazement this very creature “Wow” in fact this little human came from you! They are beautiful! Every piece of their anatomy accounted for and the doctors confirm they are PERFECT!  In reality we never once stop to think after taking into assessment their outside that there may be a slight chance there is something wrong with their brain…I know I didn’t with my son, he was perfect on the outside why in the world would something be wrong in the inside?

I didn’t think this because there was so many things that I was not Aware of  on many levels from my own naivety!

In May it will be 5 years since our son was diagnosed with Epilepsy and as a Mom who cares for someone with Epilepsy when asked my advice to family,friends, support outlets to those living with Epilepsy. Find and read everything you can about Epilepsy, talk to the one who live with Epilepsy and what their journey is like! Find out everything you can from them and their family about their medical history that can be released to you! Having awareness of Epilepsy and how it affects your love one not only empowers you but empowers them in their journey to know they are not alone! It also helps you become a better advocate!


Next up: Be sure to check out Next Site  Cathy Hozack   http://livingwellwithepilepsy.com


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