“Each day you live, is a day to make a significant difference in your life or the life of another!” ~ Curvin Leatham

It’s hard enough trying to make a difference for yourself, and when you get married the difference you make effects the one you marry. Once kids come into the picture the difference you make becomes a bigger reality than you could ever imagine… And the difference you make have costly effects, the stakes are higher! In what some consider “normal” life you sometimes lose focus on the difference you are to make, you lose your purpose.

There’s something that happens to the way you view things when your life meets a huge change, you lose a job, divorce, loss of a love one, an illness…Or for my home it was a diagnosis! Something about those drastic changes in life that take the quote I referred to above, from just some nice words you’ve read, to words that you fight to live out daily!

In this blog, better yet in these posts you are going to see the life of a family, my family our journey through my eyes as we try to cope, heal, strengthen and live daily.

You will see our lives as we take this quote try to understand it, embrace it, live it and ultimately fulfill it!

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