The Gift


“Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the heart…” ~Unknown

This year when asked by my family what I wanted for Christmas, I constantly told them I didn’t want anything! When they continued to ask the question I later responded with:

  1. Quiet time to write
  2. Help doing chores
  3. Get along with each other
  4. To follow directions the first time given
  5. Try their best in all they do

Their response was “We can’t put those things under a tree” as I smiled and said “I know!”

As we later had a more detailed conversation about my requests; I reminded them sometimes the smallest things, the ones we forget or we take for granted are the greatest gifts we could ever give or receive! Those gifts are the ones that truly require the most from us, a part of us! Those gifts require us to stop and think and do from our hearts!

In explaining this to them they chimed  “It’s like getting gifts everyday” and truly it is!

After our discussion and my time of reflection, I remembered  that in our day-to-day there are also things that happen to us or come our way, things that are given; that cannot be wrapped up and put under a tree, those that may hold value and many more that will be priceless!

The next day I notified my family of a challenge for the upcoming year, and this challenge I place before you also!


Take a left over medium size box (make sure it is a deep box) from your Christmas/holiday celebration, or any you may have around the house. Wrap it with any left over wrapping paper.

Once you’ve wrapped the box cut a slit big enough to place a slip of paper in. It only needs to be big enough to place the paper in. (not to take the paper out).

(After the box has been wrapped and the slit has been made.)

Place a tag on it that says  “THE GIFT”

Then take the box and place it in an easy accessible area.

For the next 359 (give or take) days you are to write down on a piece of paper the things that have been gifted to you, things that have changed your life, changed your day, made you smile, laugh, touched you in any special way etc. (make sure you date each piece and if you want put your initials on it).

on Christmas Eve place “The Gift” under the tree to be opened Christmas Day. It is then that you will truly know:

“That Each day comes bearing its own gifts. (All you have to do is) Untie the ribbons.” ~ Ruth Ann Schabacker

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Seize the Moments of Bounty!

There’s something about the first day of November that makes the Fall season seem so official! When I think of this time of year I think of harvest time, and all the fruits and vegetables in their bounty, in their abundance! The crops rich in their colors and aromas! In my mind I can only thank the farmers for being so diligent in the days they had to sow etc. I can only be thankful that they used their days wisely that I may be able to enjoy the work of their hands!

This evening for the first time I saw this in a different light; as I sat watching Hallmark Channel, start their Heart of Christmas Movie Countdown with the kids , across the screen flashed that there was 53 days till Christmas and P’nut yelled it out! He then added 53 days of amazing life!

What if we took on the mindset of this little boy? Instead of seeing a couple of Holidays in these next couple of months that we see this time as 53 full days of complete amazing life?

Webster’s Dictionary says that the word Bounty is mostly associated with a great harvest that produces lots of food, it’s known as nature’s bounty.

In actuality bounty means generosity in giving; something given freely; a generous gift.

So instead of seeing Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, we should see all of them as 53 days of amazing life, 53 days of bounty, 53 days that have been given freely to us. Given freely for us to enjoy and use wisely each and every second of them in their abundance!

If we are diligent with the days we are given freely and generously by our Heavenly Father and use them to give ourselves completely to family, friends etc. We will produce  rich colorful memories, filled with the sweet aroma of love! doing this will ensure the time taken will produce memories that will last!

53 days of complete amazing life, to seize the moments of bounty!