The heavyweight Champion… Is You!


The opponents stand face to face, each one sizing up the other! It’s thought that one has the upper hand because of their massive strength,and the fact that the other has shown a side of meekness and vulnerability. Quietly the meek opponent has already counted himself out of the Match and feels as if he was placed in the wrong weight class! As the bell rings he walks back to his corner of the ring, wondering how he will manage it through one round!

The quiet opponent sits on his stool and is taking in the moments formulating a plan. At this moment 80 pulses of energy are racing through his brain per second, he is calm and his thoughts are clear! He rises to his feet steady and in control. As he stands in the middle of the rink his opponent comes out of nowhere, with a speed and strength that blows a shock of energy through the meek fighter’s brain of about 500 pulses per second. The fighter is left vulnerable to his opponent and is rendered helpless for a few minutes as he tries to regain control of his body. As he comes back he is dazed, foggy and is unsure of what happened and how to retaliate. The minutes pass and the meek fighter comes back and takes his stance and once again pulses are sent through his brain that any other man under any other circumstances could never handle! This pattern goes on and on for rounds, and each time the audience is gasping and wondering how a “weak fighter” was paired with such a heavy weight! Each round the pulses of energy the meek fighter is blown renders him helpless each time in a new way and each time he is down for the count longer than the time before!

As the rounds continue and the meek fighter is knocked for a loop the spectators have comments, they start becoming loud with their thoughts, they start to hurl words, and chants of his destruction, he hears mocking and laughing for his demise; little by little this meek fighter starts to believe what he hears. He begins to loose hope, lose confidence in his self! The truth of the matter is this meek fighter had no chance, no opportunity to train for this fight, he had no warning of the battle that was before him! He was going about his day minding his own business and he was thrown into the ring. He came in as the underdog in a weight class not of his own!

This is the story, this is the fight, the battle of not only my son, but of 65 million people around the world! Their opponent is Epilepsy; the punches their opponent sends takes the normal brain pulses from 80 to 500pulses of energy per second! Their fight is not one we can see both opponents but we can witness day to day the physical, mental, toll these punches can have on them physically! Their fight is one from within, and sometimes they are forced to go more rounds then they can even handle!

For my son and so many others this fight causes them to react in ways they can’t express, ways they don’t want to, it takes control for those minutes that it’s there and when it’s done it leaves them feeling like they’ve gone into overtime and them some! Sometimes the reactions they have, the side effects they have even on a good day can cause some to feel as though this person is weak; it even causes the person to feel they are weak!

Those of us who are spectators we need to understand they are handling far more than we could even imagine or comprehend, and they do it on a daily basis! They handle in a day what we couldn’t handle for a second, so weak they are (you are) far from it!

I read a quote recently that has stuck with me ever since:
“And as your days, so shall your strength be.”

It can be interpreted many ways, but what I got from it is this; whatever you have destined in your life, whatever you will come across in your day, your strength will be and is enough to get you through! Not everyone has the same path some will have it easy and I would assume their strength is not as much and they will be put in the feather weight class, you have those whose journey may be a little trying and they need a little more strength, they will be put into their class appropriately!

Then you have those that their looks are deceiving and they make the nicknames”underdog” sound like an overstatement, but one thing to keep in mind strength is not always about muscle, intimidation, etc. strength comes from a place that cannot be seen, and to a normal eye it will be missed by our expectations!

So to my son and all the other 65million out there; your strength cannot be put on a scale, it is not measured by worldly standards and what others think!your strength is measured by the days you have been given and the things you have to deal with! And each time after a blow is thrown and you get back up when the count has gotten close to 10, or you’ve seized the moment where you could! I want you to understand that in that last round when the time counts and the spectators are yelling and shouting their comments… When you’ve been knocked down by those pulses of energy Epilepsy is throwing at you and the time is in a crunch, the moment you stand up and look it in it’s eye and let it know you will not give up! You’ve thrown the most powerful blow of the fight a total knock out! Raise your hands because the “Heavy Weight Champion” is you!