Someone Like You, Cared!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Two and a half years ago when my son started his journey of testing to see what was going on he started out with one neurologist. After his diagnosis with Epilepsy; this neurologist received his chart with all the information. During the first week home as we began adjusting this neurologist called to chat with me and to see how things were going; as we chatted it was explained that my son’s condition was more complicated than they were comfortable dealing with, that this would be better if dealt with from the best!

Many shook their head at this knowledge but I respected this doctor, and thanked them for caring enough to admit this and see that we were placed in the right doctor’s hands to get the care needed. That first appointment with the new neurologist we all were nervous we didn’t know what to expect; we knew he was known to be the best at what he did and well-respected!

As soon as the doctor walked in we knew him, he was the same attending doctor who had diagnosed our son with Epilepsy, the same one who came and walked me through his tests, let me cry and explained to me plainly so I could understand. He was the same doctor who then after went into the room sat down with P’nut and explained what was going on so that he could understand… and then sat there as we took it in! This doctor when I asked him “Where do we go from here?” Looked me straight in the eyes and said this young man deserves to go to the top! You go home you learn everything you can about Epilepsy, you learn to care properly for him, you continue to journal so we can work hand in hand to give him the best care.” and as I shook my head he went on to say ” You help Andre’ Jr. become exceptional in the life he’s been given!” I took those words not only pondered them in my heart and mind, but grabbed hold of them and let them empower me to be the best for my son and not just that it became our goal and focus in life.

Through these past years this neurologist has worked wholeheartedly to be the best doctor for my son, he has not only taken the time to listen and chat with him but all of us! whenever he saw him he would embrace him with a hug and remind him of his strength! This doctor touched P’nut’s life so much and inspired him, to the point where P’nut started a project to give back to others who have Epilepsy. In this project his doctor encouraged him and adored him for all he was doing. Speaking to others of the work “his young patient” was doing!

Sadly today after P’nut’s check up we learned that his doctor was leaving to work on a big project that he had been asked to head up; as we left out we felt the heavy hearts of not only losing an excellent doctor , someone we trusted our son’s life to, but we’ve lost an encourager, a listener and a person who empowered us to be, not only individually but as a family the best we could be “in this life”!

Like the quote above said  when you are dealing with a condition, disease, illness; whatever it may be that you must be under constant care/supervision of a doctor unless that doctor cares a whole awful lot, and truly cares no amount of medicine, visits nothing is going to make it better, It just isn’t! If you so happen to be blessed with a doctor who cares completely it makes a difference there may not be a cure for what you are going through, but their genuineness is medicine for the soul! The walk can become a little easier knowing that your doctor is with you all the way, fighting alongside you!

Dr. L (as we called him) may not have been able to cure our son but he placed us on a path to healing mentally and spiritually and as a family! He empowered us and encouraged us not to let Epilepsy stop us but use it as a stepping ground to take our son right to the top! Because Dr. L. Cared an awful lot; life got better, our way of living became better!

As we departed his office his last words to P’nut “a couple of years from now you will be bigger and  I’m expecting great things from you!”

Dr. L thank you for walking this journey with us, and taking care of our P’nut. We will truly miss you! We know you are going to help make great strides and “We’re expecting great things from you!”

Thank YOU, my Epilepsy Community !

imageFriendship is born at the moment when one person says to another What you too, Thought I was the only one! ~ Clive Staples Lewis

This is an open -letter of thank you! That is well overdue, it has been on my heart for the longest and in my mind from the day my journey started with YOU!

Dear Wonderful and Amazing YOU,

I stood at this crossroad, like a fork in the road; on both sides of me there were people I knew coming and going, waving as they quickly passed by! A few times I reached out they touched my hand but kept going along because they had their own journey to travel! Where I once traveled the same road, for some reason in an instance my journey, the road I had to travel became different overnight.

Those that I would normally chat with about everything under the sun, our chats soon became short and very surface. Those that would quickly touch my hand as they past by, their touch soon became just a wave. And soon all these things became a blur as I stood at the crossroad! At first I was very sad, I was heartbroken because I felt alone and I was confused! Once again I was at a place where tears fell constantly, but there was an afternoon where I wiped my tears and looked around there was something new!

That something was YOU! I told you the journey I was on, I explained the obstacles I would come across, I explained to you my brokenness, I showed you my baggage. I let you observe my wear and tear, I listed my needs; I poured out my story like oil and you listened intently! You nodded and you smiled and as you turned, I thought it was to walk away…but you turned and showed me you were exactly like me, like a mirrored image of me the same! We both smiled and walked along together and soon we joined arms as we walked and talked, chatted and laughed.

Walking the journey together became very natural and we soon forgot we had just met, we soon forgot that we had previously been strangers! Those things seemed so obsolete because we felt as though we had been together our whole lives, and what started out as a common friendship soon became a bonded family! Even along the way when life tossed things at us we embraced and walked them together!

Understand that had YOU not come along my path I would not be who I am today! Thank you for showing your true image and not being ashamed of YOUR journey. I have not known you my whole life but the time I have, you have left footprints on my life that can never be erased! When my walk on this journey is done and maybe people will tell of who I am and what I’ve done in life there you will be in my story because I wouldn’t have made it with out YOU!

My Love Always,

This letter is to each and every one of YOU and YOU know exactly who YOU are! Thank you for walking the journey with me.
Thank you to everyone who was not ashamed of their life with Epilepsy who gladly came to walk with me and my family embracing us and loving us! We started with a small family and now realize we are surrounded by 65million and their love ones who are our family and strong community!