Call of Duty!


Call of Duty is a very popular video game in the entertainment world, and most likely if you are a gamer you play, or have tried to play the game! If you haven’t done either of these, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or know someone who plays it!

This game is filled with missions and  series of objectives. If you play online you can play with others from around the world separated into teams with a specific mission to complete! When playing online this game calls for timing, precision, skill, teamwork , maneuvering, anticipation of your enemy’s movement And much more.

I live with an avid C.O.D. (At this moment it’s C.O.D. Ghosts) player and many times the games go from fantasy to real life (L.O.L.) and if I was asked to sum up the game with one word it would be “Intense” and just from hearing the noise from outside the door it can go from fun to highly emotional with one movement of the controller! There have been many times where the reminder has not only been this is not real life, but just a game! We have also joked of the fact that when my husband is going to play, he’s off to war, and those times he’s not playing, that he’s home on leave! Yes it’s that serious!

All jokes aside; as I thought about his game after texting him to quiet down, I realized we have all been given a “Call of Duty” in life whether we understand it or not! In our life here on earth we have been given a purpose. In our purpose (the reason we are here) we will be given many missions, filled with a series of objectives that we must complete!

Then there are times like on the online version of the game, that there is one special specific mission that must be completed! The mission that not only calls us to have precision, skill, teamwork, anticipation, but one that requires patience, and the wherewithal to endure!

You see the games can be played in the first person; where the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist. Or you play the third person where it’s an outside view, over the shoulder, behind the back. This third person view allows you to see the surrounding environment better and act accordingly. It allows you to see the mission through total different eyes!

For my husband and I we have been given a “Call of Duty” with a specific mission to take care of a child who has Epilepsy! Just like when you first start playing the video game, you have to learn it and the more you do, the better you get at it. So it’s the same for taking care of our son we had to learn how. We had to also come to grips with the fact that in this mission we are not first person but third! Our job to stay by our son’s side at all times watching his environment, helping him to see the things he couldn’t from his view and acting accordingly. It may get very intense at times, and it may seem as though Epilepsy is getting all the points but  the objective is to work as a team to endure this condition and one day not only with our son, but 65 million others we will  be able to say we “Won the round” !

*If you have been given a specific mission whether in first person or third; don’t give up remember you have been given all the tools you need for your “Call of Duty” you just need to learn how to use them!

The Abstract Idea = Purpose

“A huge canvas sits on the easel waiting to be turned into a symbol of its creator’s (Artist) love. It starts with an idea; the idea then becomes a movement, the movement transforms into a stroke, the stroke gives off a hue, the hue becomes colors manifested, these manifested colors take on forms and shapes. Together these colors, forms and shapes translate into a wonderful masterpiece a work of art! It is then that a piece of art has been created!”
~Angela Floyd

The funny thing about art, mainly abstract art; is that if you take away anything the artist used, the movement,stroke, hue, color shape, forms. Even if it seems small, it will change that masterpiece! You see abstract art uses forms, lines, and colors to create its composition… These things can stand alone but by themselves they make absolutely no sense! They must come together to make their point!

I’m sure you are now asking yourself what is my point. Well these basic rules and strategies that apply in painting, well they also apply in life!

You see like that canvas that is waiting to become a masterpiece so are we! We have a loving creator that has and idea for us, He knows what he wants to do with us. We started out as a thought, God’s thought (Jeremiah 1:5). He then began to put those thoughts, His ideas, His purpose for us into movement or motion. As we go through our lives every single moment we live a stroke is being made here, and when that stroke is made a hue is given off, those hues start to become brilliant colors that play off each other to make forms and shapes. As we continue our journey of life; this wonderful work of art which is us, is a work of/in progress! It will not be until our death that the masterpiece has been finished!

When we deal with tough times whatever they may be. It’s important to know that this is just another stroke on our canvas! Remember that in abstract art one stroke doesn’t define the masterpiece it only enhances it!

Can a canvas take the brush and create its own movements, strokes, hues, colors, shapes or forms no it cannot! The same for us we may not like what we go through in our lives, we may not like what we have to deal with on a day to day basis. We may not even have in our plans that movement that we are being put through; but it is not our call! We are but the canvas and who better to make the call than the artist who knows what the ending work of art will look like and be!

The meaning of purpose has two forms:
N. the object toward which one strives or for which one exists, an aim, or goal.
V. To preform or accomplish

You see we all have a purpose a reason we exist, we have a goal! Our job is to preform or accomplish our purpose!

Everything in our lives just didn’t happen, everything in our lives are part of our purpose the reason why we are here. These things are part of what will help us reach our goal and accomplish why we exist! You can look at them as your tools!

In English you learn that an abstract idea- is an idea that can be interpreted in many different ways.
Just like a painting can be, just like our lives also. Our lives can be interpreted many ways by us, by those who know us and by others. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

What I do know is as we look at the pieces of our lives everything may not make since, we may even feel confused on things here and there! What I do know is that we have to trust our Creator, we have to trust that when He is done we will represent a symbol of His love. A wonderful Masterpiece a work of art, that has been created; and created with a purpose!

One thing I have learned recently is this:

” If you are having trouble finding your purpose maybe you need to change your perspective!”
~Angela Floyd